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Meet bud our red wattle boar
Welcome to the home of the Red Wattle Hog and various Poultry Breeds Heritage and otherwise.  If you are interested in our Farm Fresh Pork click on the following: http://sinbad99029.tripod.com/iwansredwattlehogs/

My name is Ramona Iwan and I started raising poultry other than for my own eggs about 10 years ago.  My two girls at that time ages 8 and 4 wanted to show chickens for 4-H and we had a hard time the first two years getting stock that was worth taking to the local and Regional shows.  Our 4-H leader at that time put a bug in my ear about raising my own.  I started out with just a few Cochin pairs and a couple of Ameraucanas and from there it has grown into a small hatchery and breeding operation of approx 250 birds of varying sizes, shapes and breeds and I am now the leader of the 4-H club as well. 
In addition, we have added Red Wattle Hogs to our Menu.  They are a Heritage Hog that are in danger of extinction.  Follow along with us on our Journey to preserve these majestic animals.

getting started

Laying in the concrete

My new poultry building

We are a family operation and 5 years ago we built a 30 x 60 pole building to house the Iwan poultry chicken operation.  I now raise Silkies, Standard Ameraucanas, Blue Andalusians and Bantam Polish Frizzles for show and have a laying flock for farm fresh eggs of about 50 birds year around. 
We are madly building pens and shelters to house the future Red Wattle Herd and are getting bids on a farrowing barn so that our ladies can have their piglets in comfort.  The adventure is just starting.
We are located about 13 miles west and north of Airway Heights, WA, which is on the outskirts of Spokane, WA.  We have 22 acres of trees and grass and have been here for 18 years.  I really feel blessed to be living in a place where I can raise both my children and my animals on clean air and country living.

We here at Iwan's poultry pride ourselves on hatching the best babies we can.  Along with day old chicks, we also have hatching eggs available and from time to time adult birds ready for show and sometimes even a pair or two for sale.  My daughters and I have worked very hard to get the quality of breeding stock that we have now.  It has taken approximately 10 years, but I hope everyone will be pleased with the final product.
We are sad to report that we lost Ebony in the fall of 2006 and he was a ripe old age of 9 years old.  We still have 2 of his sons we are using for breeding.


Our friend Nathan and Tanya Lincoln County 2008
If you are interested in adult birds, baby chicks or hatching eggs
You can e-mail us at: raireland65@gmail.com